If a picture is worth 1000 words...
the story behind it is priceless.

Unless you share it with your benefactors.

You have a strong mission and a commitment to help others. But is that enough? The short answer, frankly, is “no.” We’re living in a media-heavy, tech-driven environment, one in which your benefactors come in different shapes and sizes.  Getting their attention and gaining their trust has never been more important.

So how do you break through, build trust and stay relevant and top-of-mind? The solution is two-fold:

  • Harness and capitalize on the power of storytelling, which studies show can increase your value by more than 2,000%.
  • Use technology to effectively distribute those stories to your target audience.

At LORE, we have the people, the strategies, the creative talent and the drive to unleash the power of your story, and to tap into the emotions of your audience, compelling them to support your cause. To see samples of our cause marketing work, or to find out more about our cause marketing efforts

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